Get a Realistic Fire and Real Warmth with Propane Log Sets

Imagine relaxing by the fire with no worries. With a propane log set you get the beauty of a real fireplace but without the hassle of hauling wood logs, lighting the fire, tending the fire, and cleaning out the ash. Light the fire and you are done!

A propane log set is a stationary insert that requires a propane gas line to create a flame. The gas line runs into the logs, enabling the flames to rise up and between them. The logs are designed to mimic the curves, height, and look of wood for an authentic effect while providing the warmth of a real fire.

There are many benefits to installing a propane log set:

  • No hassle. No mess. No smell
  • Vented, ventless and direct vent options
  • A wide variety of styles to match any home
  • Provides the authentic look of real wood
  • The convenience of a remote control
  • Add style and beauty to almost any room

The options are endless--from different kinds of log styles, log stacks, sizes to accessories that include remote controls and enhancement kits!

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