Propane Ovens

Cook like a real chef! They enjoy the instant temperature control, and so will you with a propane oven, cooktop or range.

Cook Like a Chef

Enjoy consistent, energy-efficient cooking with a propane oven, cooktop or range. In fact, 96 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with propane and the reasons are clear: More precise temperature control, even consistent heating and instant on and off capability. Plus, using a propane-powered oven can help save on your electric bills and use less CO2 to minimize your environmental impact.

Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, building your dream home or looking to replace your stove, propane is a great option for any kitchen. Contact the propane experts at BantamWesson. We have skilled technicians who can guide in you in the propane conversion--from tanks, lines, hook-ups to propane deliveries.

BantamWesson does not supply the ovens, stoves or cooktops.

Benefits of Propane Stoves

  • Allow for greater control of heat levels for precise temperature controls and cooking 
  • Instant-on burners--no need to wait for the oven to heat up
  • Instant-off burners--cools down quicker 
  • Can help lower electric bills
  • Compared to electric ovens, propane ovens have lower CO2 emissions
  • Once you hook up a propane line, you can use it for a variety of other propane home appliances like dryers, heaters and fireplaces

We Are Propane Experts

We are experts at all things propane! We have a team of certified and trained technicians ready to help with every propane need.

We can handle all things propane--from installing the lines, tanks to worry-free propane delivery.

BantamWesson does not supply the ovens, stoves or cooktops.

Contact us

Contact us to learn more about propane-powered ovens.

If you do not have heat, please call us at 800.992.2227. We are available for emergency service 24/7. 
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