A Nest Wi-Fi Thermostat in a home
A Nest wi-fi thermostat in a home
Your Home Automated.

The ultimate in convenience and comfort with NEST smart thermostats

So you're ready to enjoy Nest-level comfort? We're glad to hear it, because Nest is a great product that can save you energy!

Benefits of NEST Smart Thermostats:

  • Comfort – Once your Nest is installed, it begins learning your setting preferences. In just a few days, it automatically switches to preferred temperatures when you're home – it will even create its own schedule to match yours.
  • Control -- As long as you have working internet and Wi-Fi, the Nest app allows you to adjust temperature in your home from anywhere using a phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Cost-Savings – There's no easier way to reduce your energy usage and cost. You can save as much as 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling bills.
  • Convenience – Nest can use your phone's location to automatically turn the temperature down when you're away, keep track of your cost savings and can alert you if there's a problem with your furnace or filters.
  • Conservation – Using less energy in your home is good for the planet.

Our expert Nest Pro team can ensure that your thermostat is properly installed and is compatible with your heating system. We'll also determine where the thermostat should be placed, based on your movement patterns and where you spend the most time. We'll show you how to operate Nest to gain maximum benefit all year long.

Eliminate the hassle and potential pitfalls of self-installing, and contact us to learn more by filling out the form or call us today at 800.992.2227.

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