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Close up of a plumber working on a water heater
Close up of a plumber working on a water heater
Protect Your Plumbing.

Our Premier Plumbing Plan is your defense against the unexpected.

There’s never a good time for a plumbing problem. Our Premier Plumbing Plan includes an annual inspection that will help you avoid costly, unexpected issues.

Our inspection includes:

  • Draining of the hot water heater to extend the life of the water source.
  • Checking your water heater anode rod, which helps prevent corrosion and protects the equipment. An annual check of your anode rod may also keep you compliant with your water heater’s manufacturer warranty.
  • A well water systems test to determine if there are elements in the water that can negatively affect your plumbing system. If you have an in-line filter, we’ll change the cartridge. If you don’t and you need one, we’ll recommend one and give 20% off installation 
  • Inspection of all faucets and fixtures for leaks, as well as washing machine hoses, ice maker lines and humidifier feed lines.
  • Inspections of critical systems to ensure they are cycling and/or draining properly: Sump pumps - Well pump/well tank - Sewer/septic pump

In addition, you’ll receive:

  • 24/7 emergency service with no after-hours surcharge
  • Priority scheduling for service calls and emergencies
  • 20% off plumbing repair when performed during normal business hours

Water You Waiting For? Get a Plumbing Plan.

Take preventive measures to keep your home’s plumbing systems in tip-top shape.

Premier Plumbing Plan: $159 per year ($129 if you have another Premier Plan

  • 24/7 emergency service with no after-hours surcharge
  • Priority scheduling for service calls and emergencies
  • 20% off plumbing repair when performed during normal business hours

If you have a water treatment system, you can purchase our Premier Plus Plumbing Plan, which includes:

  • An annual check of your water treatment system, including adding the salt, media and iron removal component necessary to keep it in good working order. 
  • 20% off major parts or a new system in the event yours needs to be replaced.

Premier Plus Plumbing Plan $419 per year ($389 if you have another Premier Plan)

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