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A Flexible, Dual Purpose System

Hydro-Air Systems

Hydro-Air systems combine two tried-and-true heating methods to give you the best of each one: water (hydronic) and forced air (ducted).  These systems offer greater flexibility and reliability and are energy efficient as well.

How They Work

The air handler contains a pump, coil, blower fan and may also include an air conditioning coil. The air is heated with hot water as opposed to a flame within the handler of a conventional furnace. As hot water heats up the heating coil, the blower fan sends the cold air from your home over the hot coil. The air picks up heat from the coil, and the blower fan moves the air out into the ductwork of your home.

One System. Dual Purposes.

The same system can be used to heat water for your home, so no need for a separate water heater. And, if you want air conditioning, an A/C cooling coil can be installed in the air handler to work in combination with an outdoor AC condenser unit.

Benefits of Hydro Air Systems:

  • Energy-efficient: Hydro air systems are more energy-efficient than conventional forced air systems.
  • Zoning: You can zone off different parts of your home with zone dampers and thermostats
  • Multiple uses: These systems heat, cool, humidify, and help clean the air in your home

Want to learn more about hydro-air systems?

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