Dog in shower
Dog in shower
Direct Oil or Propane Fired Water Heaters

A water heater that can handle the heat

Direct oil or propane-fired water heaters are ideal for high-volume applications. With their own dedicated burners and tanks, these units deliver a lot of hot water, fast. Tanks come in various sizes so that even big families will never run out of hot water, even after multiple showers.

Benefits of Oil or Propane Water Heaters:

  • Energy-efficient—rely less on electricity and more on energy-efficient oil or propane
  • Able to store and heat water more quickly
  • Comes in a variety of tank sizes to fit every household
  • Can be fired with oil or propane
  • Can handle high volume applications ideal for larger families or high users
  • On average, oil or propane water heaters last longer

When choosing an oil or propane-fired water heater, it’s advised to work with a professional plumber to determine the proper size and model that will best meet your needs. Our team of plumbers can help you choose the right model and handle all aspects of the install including removing your old water heater.

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