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Kids playing in the yard on a rainy day with an umbrella and hose
Kids playing in the yard on a rainy day with an umbrella and hose
No leaks. No worries.

Rely on the experts for oil tank services

A leaking oil tank is messy and often very expensive to fix. What's more, it presents a severe environmental hazard. Protect your home and yourself by asking BantamWesson to conduct a tank test. By testing your tank, we can detect internal corrosion before it becomes a leak. We offer a visual tank inspection as part of our annual tune-up, and it's a free service for customers enrolled in a service plan

Our Oil Tank Services include:

  • Oil Tank Inspection - Our experts will visually inspect your oil tank to check for things like rust, leaks, improper piping and other abnormalities. 
  • Oil Tank Replacement - Our technicians are licensed Replacement Specialists, so we can install a new fuel tank if necessary. Today's oil tanks are small enough to fit through doorways, so installing a new tank is easier than you think.
  • Underground Oil Tank Excavation - If your underground oil tank needs to be replaced, we can remove it, perform a soil contamination test, install a new basement tank – even transfer your oil from the old tank to the new one!

Trust BantamWesson to safely and accurately inspect, remove, or replace your existing oil tank. Call 800.992.2227 or email action [at] to schedule an evaluation.

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Several thumbs up.
"I contacted Bantam Wesson regarding a leaking fuel tank replacement. Though I was not a previous customer, they responded quickly, emailed a quote that day, and replaced the tank quickly and efficiently. Patricia, Mark, and Joe were all courteous and professional, which means a lot to me. Thank you for a job well done."
-Peter B.