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Never run out of fuel. Guaranteed.

Remote Tank Monitoring

You get the fuel you need, just when you need it.

BantamWesson employs a fuel delivery prediction system to assure timely delivery to most of our customers in most situations. But, real-time remote monitoring provides an extra measure of peace-of-mind for situations where fuel use is unpredictable. Some examples of when a Remote Tank Monitor may be necessary to ensure you don’t run out of fuel:

  • You use a backup generator for storms and outages
  • You have a heated swimming pool
  • You have a vacation home that can be empty for long periods
  • You are away from home for long periods in the winter
  • You have a tank that is difficult to reach, especially during bad weather

Our tank monitors can be installed on all propane tanks and most basement oil tanks, and they work 24-hours a day – even under a blanket of snow!

With no monthly monitoring fees, and just a one-time set up charge, it’s easy to make sure you always have the fuel you need.

To inquire about whether your home needs a remote tank monitor, please call us at 800.992.2227 or fill out the form and we will get back to you.