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Better for you. Better for the Planet.


The clean, pure truth about today's heating oil.

There’s a reason why BioHeat is one of the fastest growing alternative fuels. It’s made from a blend of traditional heating oil and biodiesel – a renewable fuel created from domestically produced organic materials. The result – BioHeat - is a clean burning fuel that is kinder to the environment and helps your furnace perform better.

BantamWesson BioHeat contains up to 20% biodiesel, which makes it the best choice for your home:

  • Burns at a higher efficiency, so you burn less fuel
  • Burns cleaner, so your system lasts longer, with fewer service problems
  • Is the same price as traditional heating oil

Since 2006, BantamWesson has been delivering this environmentally friendly fuel, and we continue to be a leader among Connecticut companies in offering cleaner, greener home and energy solutions. 

The BantamWesson Difference

Choose BantamWesson with confidence: BioHeat automatic delivery customers can rest easy with 24/7 emergency service and free safety inspections, including ultrasound oil tank testing. And with a Service Plan, you’ll get one no-cost efficiency tune up and 20% off all repairs and maintenance, all year long.

Want to increase energy efficiency even more? We’ve got a team of experts that can help! Contact us at 800.992.2227 to learn more.

Biofuel Blended Fuel Oil (MSDS)