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The fuel you need. When you need it.

Convenient & Easy.

Whether you need BioHeat heating oil or Propane, Automatic Delivery means you'll always have enough fuel to stay warm and comfortable. We calculate your fuel requirements based on factors like hot water use, home size and weather, and schedule deliveries accordingly.

Automatic delivery customers are also eligible for additional perks like:

  • Discounts – We offer discounts on equipment installation
  • Price Protection plans including capped, fixed and pre-buy pricing
  • Budgeting tools that spread energy costs over a twelve-month period
  • Extended service hours

… and much more

Never run out of fuel again. Sign up today by calling us at 800.992.2227 or filling out the form.



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"Their billing and deliveries have been spaced out so my propane bills have been reasonable and I have never felt that I was going to run out of fuel."

-Ted G. (Watertown)