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There's no easier way to save money and reduce your impact on the environment than with a programmable thermostat that lets you control the temperature in your home –  from anywhere, at any time!

BantamWesson offers a wide variety of options including Nest, Honeywell, and other popular brands. In addition to determining which systems are best for your home, we provide expert installation which can be critical in optimizing the functionality of your new thermostat, and ensuring its compatibility with your heating system.


Nest offers the ultimate in convenient comfort. Once installed, the system begins to learn your setting preferences, and in just a few days, it automatically switches to preferred temperatures when you're home. It can be controlled from anywhere from a smartphone, computer or tablet, and can save you as much as 10-12% on heating and 15% on cooling bills. Our expert Nest Pro team can ensure proper installation and compatibility with your heating system, and place the thermostat in the most advantageous place, based on your movement patterns and where you spend the most time. Learn more about NEST Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats.


Once properly installed, you'll love the colorful display, and simple touch-pad controls. It's simple to set a schedule for the week, and easy to bump it up or down as needed. Not only does it show the indoor temperature, it also displays the humidity and the outside temperature, so you can fine-tune your heat and air conditioning from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Learn more about Honeywell Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats.

Why buy your thermostat from BantamWesson? That's easy: we're HVAC experts. We recommend the best thermostat for your system, install it safely, and show you how to program it. We're also energy efficiency experts and can recommend many ways to improve your home's comfort and efficiency.

To find the Wi-Fi thermostat that is perfect for your home, contact us today at 800.992.2227 or fill out the form to learn more about the full range of smart controls from Nest, Honeywell, ecobee and Sensi.

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