Energy Efficiency

Heart shaped earth in green green
Heart shaped earth in green green
Save money. Protect the environment.

We help save home energy every day

Save home energy year-round with energy-efficiency 

No one understands home energy efficiency like we do! BantamWesson has completed well over 13,000 home energy audits in Connecticut, an EnergizeCT program, and we are on the forefront of delivering products and services that help you realize incredible savings through home efficiency measures.

Our energy-efficiency home services include:

  • Energy Audits – our experts will conduct an energy assessment of your home to determine if you are paying more than necessary to maintain comfort – they'll even seal drafts and cracks.
  • Equipment Upgrades – today's energy-efficient heating and cooling systems allow you to make your home more comfortable while reducing your energy costs by as much as 25% every month.
  • Windows – new windows offer a double-benefit – you can update your home's look and greatly increase the home's energy efficiency.
  • Insulation – if your home is not well insulated, your energy bills may be through the roof – especially with Connecticut's extreme weather! But, your energy bills don't have to be extreme. We can weather-strip and caulk windows as well as install attic and sidewall insulation to save you money and offer greater energy-efficiency year-round!
  • Smart Controls – Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostats allow you to control the temperature in your home from anytime, anywhere, so you can fine-tune your heat and air conditioning from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
  • BioHeat Heating Oil – we mix traditional heating oil with biodiesel – a renewable fuel created from domestically produced organic materials, to deliver heating oil that is cleaner than natural gas, easier on your heating system, better for the environment and energy-efficient.

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The best way to get on the road to optimized home energy efficiency is to contact us today for a home energy assessment at 800.992.2227, or by filling out the form.

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