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Elderly couple riding bikes.
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Price Protection

Energy prices – one less thing to worry about.

Looking to shield yourself from the possibility of rising fuel prices? BantamWesson offers two ways to help:

  • Pre-buy – from April through September, you have the opportunity to lock in the price for a specified amount of gallons for the season. You’ll make a one-time payment with no enrollment fee, and no gallon requirement. Pre-buy pricing is typically lower than other pricing options.
  • Price cap – this program allows you to set a ceiling on the price you’ll pay per gallon for the season. No matter how high the price for fuel goes, you will not pay more than your ceiling. And, if the price drops, you’ll pay the lower price (available any time).
  • Fixed price -- lock in all your gallons at a fixed price (available any time).

BantamWesson offers additional savings opportunities and payment plans to help you get the most out of your home energy dollars.

To learn more about price protection, call us at 800.992.2227 or fill out the form and we will get back to you.

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To learn about price protection, please fill out the form and we will be in touch to discuss the options.

If you do not have heat, please call us at 800.992.2227. We are available for emergency service 24/7. 
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