Buy Smart

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Take the "ouch" out of winter.

Payment Plans

Flexibility to help you manage your expenses.

We know that energy costs make up a significant portion of your home’s budget. Fortunately, BantamWesson offers Smart Pay -- a budgeting plan that lessens the impact of winter bills by spreading those expenses out over 12 months. And Smart Pay customers get the added benefit of a 5-cent per gallon discount!

Smart Pay is just one of several programs that give you greater control over your energy costs, including: 

  • Price Protection – including Price Caps, Pre-buy and Fixed Price options.
  • Financing – we offer 0% financing on new equipment for preferred customers. In many cases, the savings you realize from a high-efficiency system will offset its cost.
  • Savings – save with Senior Citizen discounts, Veteran discounts, Quick-Pay discounts, Earned Interest and Rebates & Tax Credits.

To learn more about how you can reduce and manage your home energy costs, call us at 800.992.9227. Or fill out the form and we’ll contact you.