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What color is your heating oil? It should be green.

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Meet the Greener Heating Oil


I don't mean literally green. I mean environmentally green.

Thanks to eco-minded leadership in our state, we have transitioned from the old No. 2 heating oil to a cleaner, greener Ultra Low Sulfur Heating Oil (ULSHO). Low sulphur oil releases up to 75% less greenhouse gases like sulfur dioxide into the ozone.

 When blended with fuel from recycled waste cooking oil, ULSHO then becomes BioHeat. In Connecticut, all home heating oil must contain a percentage of bio fuel from sustainable sources (waste cooking oil recycled from places like UCONN's cafeterias keeps it from ending up in our land or water.) This not only strikes a blow for a cleaner environment, but also gives us more freedom from the dependence on foreign oil.


Not only does BioHeat burn cleaner than natural gas. It actually cleans your furnace as it burns, helping your furnace run more efficiently, need less cleaning and maintenance, and last longer.


It's clear that BioHeat is the heating oil of the future. Connecticut plans to require a higher percentage of biofuel blends to further reduce pollution down the road.

At BantamWesson, we're proud to already offer BioHeat blends that contains up to 20% biofuel, meeting or exceeding all state requirements. It's simply the right thing to do. For our customers. And for the planet.

Craig Snyder

Craig Snyder, President

To learn more about the benefits of ULSHO and BioHeat contact us at (800) 992-2227, or visit www.BioHeatNow.com.