Well Water Tips to Keep Your Water Squeaky Clean

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Do you have well water? Keep it squeaky clean with these tips

If your home has well water, you want to make sure that the safety and quality of your water is the best it can be. Well water systems usually benefit from softening and filtration.

Some issues well water systems may face include:

Well Water Can be Hard: Naturally occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium can get into your well water and make it hard causing build up on plumbing fixtures and appliances, and cause dry skin and hair. A water softener is often needed with well systems to eliminate hard water.

Well Water Can Smell and Cause Stains: If there is a build-up of iron, you may notice stains in your sink, toilet or bathtub. If there are higher amounts of sulfur in your water it can smell like rotten eggs. Water filtration systems can eliminate both iron and sulfur build-up.

Well Water Can Become Contaminated: Groundwater in private wells is usually less susceptible to pollution, but when pollution does occur it can be very serious. Uranium, radon, and arsenic, contamination from agricultural runoff or septic tanks located too close to a private well all can cause contamination, health issues and can cost thousands to fix.

How to Prevent Well Water Issues:

  • Test your water at least once a year for harmful elements
  • Inspect your well every 3-5 years by a well service company
  • Keep hazardous chemical away from your well
  • Periodically check the well cap on top of the casing to ensure it’s in good condition
  • Get a whole-home water filtration system and ensure it is regularly maintained.
  • If needed, add water softening, conditioning and special filters to eliminate hard water and mineral build-up.

At BantamWesson, we offer our water treatment services including water quality testing to test for iron, hardness and acidity. We can provide water conditioning, reverse osmosis filters, whole-house water filtration systems and water softening services. Contact us today or call 800.992.2227 to ensure your well water is safe and help prevent issues before they occur.