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Reduce Your Carbon "FurnacePrint" with Cleaner, Greener BioHeat

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Today's oil heat isn't your father's oil heat. Especially here in Connecticut. Since July of 2018, all home heating oil delivered in our state must be ultra low sulphur heating oil (ULSHO)l, blended with biofuel, mostly from recycled local waste cooking oil, which would normally end up dumped into the environment. This eco-friendly blend is called BioHeat. It can reduce your Carbon FurnacePrint by up to 75%*. It burns cleaner than natural gas, and it can be used in your existing furnace without any modifications. In fact, BioHeat will actually clean your furnace of sulphur deposits, making it work better and last longer.

Today's BioHeat works super efficiently to burn fewer gallons of oil, and send far less carbon and particulates into the air. But what's even more exciting is tomorrow's BioHeat. As oil furnaces evolve and become even more efficient, BioHeat will evolve, too.  The percentage of biofuel will be increased, making BioHeat even cleaner and greener. In fact, the oil industry's ultimate goal is to create oil systems that produce zero emissions, and zero dependence on foreign oil.

Craig Snyder

Craig Snyder, President

To find out more about BioHeat and how it can reduce your Carbon FurnacePrint, contact us at (800) 992-2227, or visit www.bioheatnow.com.

*About 324 million gallons of Bioheat fuel were used in Connecticut in 2016. This reduced the state's carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 427 million pounds.