Q & A with Glenn, General Manager Pest Control

With the addition of our new Pest Control division, we brought on pest expert and guru Glenn Newman. Glenn has over 25 years of experience in the field and surely has some creepy crawly tales to tell regarding pests. So, we recently asked him to share some insights about the pest control business including an unforgettable experience with yellow jackets.

What drew you to the Pest Control business?

From the day I started at a pest control company, I loved the industry and the opportunities. I have never called this “Work”. Working outside, meeting new people every single day, and helping people solve problems. So, what drew me to Pest Control? The love of being able to help strangers every day. 

What is the worst pest to deal with and why?

Bed bugs--Why? Not only are they a parasite that sucks your blood, they cause physical and mental pain for the victim. It is a very emotional time for anyone who has ever had to deal with bed bugs. When you are at your most vulnerable--where you are supposed to be able to rest and decompress, you are attacked. This causes you to stress every night if you’re going to be a meal. You can’t sleep, and it causes so many more negative impacts on your daily life and your family’s life. But, I never leave a customer. If they are truly motivated to get rid of them, and they do everything I ask, we will win the battle!

What do you like most about your job?

The people. The people that work here at BW Home Services, the customers, and anyone else while on the job. And, every single day is different. Every single day has new opportunities and challenges. They say, “find something you LOVE and call it WORK”. I did just that. This is a very emotional business. We have people crying when we arrive due to their fear, or apprehensiveness or phobias. We get to calm them down, solve the issue, and try and leave with them smiling, happy and satisfied.

What is one unique, crazy pest story you can think of?  

A customer called about hearing scratching and noises in her bedroom ceiling. She also had this very large wet spot right in the middle and above her bed. When I arrived soon after she called, I find she had also hired a contractor to try and find and fix the leak that caused the wet area.

As I entered the bedroom, I could tell right away it was a big yellow jacket nest. As I am explaining this to the customer, the contractor takes his screwdriver and says “No, this is a leak…no way is this caused by bees”. As I state “don’t touch that”, he puts his screwdriver right through the ceiling. Yep, and down comes a big part of the nest. I do as anyone would do, I grabbed the customer and ran out of the room, the handyman came running out and I slammed the door. The customer ran all the way outside and to the road. The handyman was screaming as he got stung a few times. It took me three trips to the home, three hours of work to kill, and then cut out this nest.

About Glenn:

Glenn Newman, former owner of Bugzout in Hamden, is the Pest Control Manager at BW Home Services Newman, is a licensed pest control professional with 25 years of experience in pest control services. Have a pest issue? Contact BW Home Services, or call 800-992-2227 and get a FREE phone or in-home consultation*.

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