How to Read Your Propane Gauge

One of the most important elements of the propane tank is the gauge

Many homeowners today are turning to propane as a source of energy in their homes. There are numerous benefits to propane when it comes to keeping your home comfortable in varied weather conditions. Propane is a versatile fuel that can also be used anywhere in your home--hot water, fireplaces, clothes dryer, cooking, room heaters, generators and more!

One of the most important elements of the propane tank is the gauge. The gauge on your propane tank can be accessed by lifting the dome shaped lid covering the gauges to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

This indicator lets you know about how much propane is in the tank and if you require more to keep your systems running. Checking the gauge levels regularly to avoid running out of fuel is a must. Once a tank has run out of fuel, you’ll may need an inspection before you can turn the gas on again.

How to Read Your Propane Gauge:

Know Correct Percentages

Since propane expands, propane tanks are only filled to 80 percent capacity to allow for room in the tank. The gauge indicator should never go above the 80 mark as that is considered “full.”

Experts recommend that a call for propane delivery be made whenever the gauge reads 25 percent filled or less to avoid going empty.

You can also estimate how many gallons of propane are still in the tank by knowing the size of gallons your tank holds and multiplying the percentage reading. So, a 250 gallon tank reading 30 percent, actually has about 75 gallons of propane remaining.

Get a Tank Monitor

Worried about forgetting to check your tank, or what to do when you go away? You can get a tank monitor. Most tank monitors have apps so you can monitor your fuel from your smartphone.

Sign Up for Automatic Delivery

Another way to avoid having to continually check your propane tank levels is to sign up for automatic delivery. You can worry less about the levels in your tanks and ensure you have the fuel when you need it.

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