Get Ready for Grilling Season with These Tips

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Memorial Day will be here before you know it, and that means it will be time to fire up the grill. But, is your grill ready? Check out the following tips and enjoy those burgers and hot dogs as soon as warmer weather hits!                  

4 Steps to Prepare Your Grill

1. First, read the manufacturer’s instruction manual. Follow all recommended safety procedures and refer to the book if you have any questions.

2. Before you light your propane grill, check the gas fittings for leaks by applying a soap and water solution to the hose and checking for bubbles. If you see any, there is likely a propane leak. Turn off the grill and gas tank. If that stops the leak, have the grill serviced before you use it again. If the leak continues, call the fire department. If you smell gas, there is also likely a leak.

3. Check the grill for blockages. Bees often build nests that can block the flow of propane, and not cleaning a grill frequently enough can cause grease buildup that can lead to a fire hazard.

4. If you get a propane cylinder refilled, bring it straight home and store it outdoors in an upright position. Keep propane cylinders away from any heat source that might cause them to ignite. Don’t store spare cylinders near the grill.

Make Grilling Easier and Worry-Free

Don’t want to fuss with a propane cylinder? Let a propane expert hook up your grill to a propane tank.

Benefits of hooking up your grill to propane tank:


  • No need to handle or worry about propane cylinders
  • A propane expert can install the tank and lines and ensure they are safe for use
  • Never run out of fuel--Get the grill power you need, when you need it by having your fuel provider deliver the propane

The propane experts at BantamWesson can install the tank, lines and deliver the propane when you need it with automatic delivery. We can also add on other propane products to help you create an outdoor oasis such as fire pits, pool heaters, and patio heaters.

Contact us today, or call 800.992.2227 to talk to our propane experts.