Endless Summer Fun with a Propane Pool Heater

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Make Summer Last Longer with a Propane Pool Heater 


Summer goes by in a flash. Wish you could make it last longer? With a propane pool heater, you can get more splash out of your pool and make summer last longer by controlling the temperature whenever you feel like going for a swim—day, night or even in September!

Reasons to Get a Propane Pool Heater:

  • Have complete control over the temperature of your pool
  • Save on energy costs with heaters that are up to 95% energy-efficient
  • Faster heat-up times
  • Use your pool more often
  • Extend the swimming season--day, night or even in September!
David Fecteau, HVAC Manager

“A pool heater is a great way to extend the summer season. You can get the temperature of your pool just right, so you no longer have to go for a cold swim.”

–David Fecteau, HVAC Manager

So, say good-by to cold swims and be more comfortable in your pool this summer (and beyond the summer season) with a propane pool heater. It will feel like an endless summer!

BantamWesson can recommend a propane pool heater system that’s right for your pool. Contact our experts to learn more about a propane pool heater, or call 800.992.2227 to speak with our sales team to get a free on-site evaluation.