Don’t Fear Winter: Five Tips to Reduce Energy Costs

5 Tips to Save Energy This Winter


Fri, 10/18/2019 - 09:30

Worried about winter? Maybe it’s the snow, cold temperatures, or the stress of the holidays? You may be also worried about winter heating costs. Don’t fear winter heating bills. There are ways to reduce energy use.

5 Tips to Help Winterize Your Home:

  1. Check your heating ducts: Leaks in your ductwork will increase energy costs. Sealing up any leaks will help keep the warm air flowing and direct it where it needs to go.
  2. Weather strip your home: Weather stripping drafty areas of your home including windows, doors and attics hatches can have a big impact on your heating costs.
  3. Wrap pipes: Depending on how you heat your water, water heaters are typically the second largest energy users in your home. Insulating your pipes will help reduce heat loss from hot water reducing your energy use.
  4.  Check your insulation: Insulation is one of the most affordable ways to reduce ongoing energy costs year-round. Your home may lack insulation, need additional insulation or it may time to replace it—so check it out to see where you can improve insulation levels.
  5. Trade in old light bulbs: With less daylight hours in the colder months, you will use more electricity to light your home. Swapping old inefficient light bulbs for LEDS will cut help down your electric bill.

Our energy-efficient experts can help you with all the above with a Home Energy Audit. While we can’t control the weather—we can help you prepare your home for the harsh New England winter and decrease energy costs. You will have at least one less winter-worry! Contact us today to get started or call 800.992.2227.

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