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Create Indoor Beauty and Comfort with Propane

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Indoor Beauty and Comfort with Propane


Propane can be used almost anywhere in your home. It has several practical and stylish applications that can help turn your indoor space into a beautiful and cozy oasis. Propane fireplaces and log sets can add ambience and warmth while room heaters and propane appliances such as dryers and stoves can add comfort and energy savings.

David Fecteau, HVAC Manager


"Propane has many indoor applications other than heating your home. From fireplaces to appliances, propane is a versatile clean fuel that provides warmth and ambience.” David Fecteau, HVAC Manager


Indoor Uses of Propane:

  • Home Heating – Heat your home with propane for efficient clean energy by converting to a propane furnace or boiler.
  • Fireplaces – A propane fireplace adds character to any home without the hassle of a wood-burning fireplace and offers convenience with a remote control.
  • Log Sets – Propane log sets are a great way to get more use out of the fireplace you no longer use without the smell, mess and safety concerns, but still provides the authentic look of real wood.
  • Stoves – Enjoy consistent, energy-efficient cooking with a propane oven, cooktop or range. Propane stoves offer more precise temperature control, even consistent heating and instant on and off capability plus added energy savings. 
  • Dryers – Propane powered dryers are more efficient that electric dryers, because they dry faster. They are also easier on your clothes and produce less wrinkles!
  • Water Heaters –Water heaters are typically the second highest energy users in your home. Propane water heaters use less energy and have fewer emissions compared with electric models to help you save energy and money.

Let our propane experts help you create an indoor haven with propane products. Contact us or call 800.992.2227 to speak with our HVAC team.