5 Things You Should Know About Yellow Jackets

and there are good reasons—and it’s not just because they sting. There are several facts about these aggressive pests that will send you running.

Five Facts About Yellow Jackets:

1. They are social, yet antisocial

Yellow jackets are wasps, but unlike wasps, they are social insects—at least with each other. They work together to build their nests and will also protect those nests as a team. They are known for their aggressive nature with anything perceived as a threat and will attack to protect their hive.

2. They will sting you…repeatedly

Once provoked they will attempt to sting you, and not just once. They don't have a barb on their stinger, so not only will they live after they've stung you, but they can sting you several times. Ouch!

3. They love a good chase

If they feel their nest is threatened, they will attack aggressively. They have been known to chase for 200-300 yards. They are like little ninjas--they can go around obstacles and can hover over water for long periods of time!

4. They like to be underground

Yellow jackets like to build nests in the ground. This makes them an extreme danger to your family and pets, because if you accidentally step on their nest, it will trigger an attack. Even the vibrations from mowing the lawn can trigger an attack.

5. Squashing one may cause a war

Dying yellow jackets releases a pheromone that alerts their yellow jacket friends to attack and protect their nest. In a matter of a few seconds, you may be surrounded by many more angry yellow jackets. Avoid stepping on them or squashing them.

Have a yellow jacket problem?

If you see yellow jackets around your home or find a nest, it is important to call a pest control expert right away. They can build very large nests that can get out of control rather quickly. Never attempt to rid a yellow jacket nest on your own. BW Home Services pest experts can effectively handle a yellow jacket problem. Contact us today.