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Keep Your Cool this Summer with Home Insulation

Keep Your Cool this Summer with Home Insulation


Fri, 05/17/2019 - 14:05

Is your home properly insulated? It’s not only important to insulate to keep warm air in during the winter, but you could be losing cool air and letting in warm air during the summer!

Heat travels to cooler areas until there is no longer a temperature difference. So, your home is always going to try to reach a consistent temperature inside while at the same time compete with the outdoor temperature. In the summer, without the proper insulation, the cool air will escape your home by trapping it longer inside your home making your home less comfortable and less energy efficient.

Home Energy Solutions Program Provides Significant Savings

Energy Efficiency Assessment Program Results In Significant Savings For Area Homeowner


Thu, 05/09/2019 - 13:32

CHESHIRE, Connecticut – Since  2010, a local energy company has conducted thousands of home energy assessments. BantamWesson has a proven track record of reducing home energy and maintenance costs through Home Energy SolutionsSM (sometimes called HES), an important energy efficiency resource in Connecticut. “Home energy assessments,” explained Craig Snyder, president of BantamWesson, “means identifying improvements a homeowner can make to reduce monthly energy costs through operational efficiencies.

Why am I so fired up about conserving energy?

Why am I so Fired up About Conserving Energy?


Mon, 04/29/2019 - 14:40

A lot of people these days talk about your carbon footprint: how much greenhouse gas you are releasing into the atmosphere. Well, your home has a carbon footprint, too, and BantamWesson and I are focused on helping you reduce it.


Tips on Generator Maintenance

Power Up This Storm Season with a Generator Tune-Up


Mon, 04/29/2019 - 11:52

Did you know the number one cause of generator failure is lack of maintenance and, even worse, can void your warranty!

NEST Thermostat in a home

Your Home, Smarter and Greener with a Nest Thermostat


Tue, 04/23/2019 - 13:16

A Nest wifi thermostat offers the best of both convenience and comfort, quickly learning your preferences and setting the temperature for you!