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In the community
The Heart of Our Mission

In the Community

Giving Back – It’s Part of Our Mission

BantamWesson is dedicated to the local communities we serve, and fosters a caring culture among employees who feel connected to the Greater Waterbury, Litchfield County and Farmington Valley communities. Our mission statement includes the phrase: Be Kind, which extends well beyond our office walls, resulting in strong social responsibility efforts. These efforts started with our founders and board members, Robert Wesson and Peter Aziz.

Peter, Bob and their families were and still are actively involved, serving as board members for local charitable organizations and contributing with in-kind donations and volunteer efforts.

"At its heart, we believe charitable giving is a reflection of one of BantamWesson’s core values, which is to “Be Kind” to everyone, in every interaction.  One way we try to be a great employer is by matching our charitable giving to the values of our 136 employees who live in the towns we serve.  That’s why our support ranges from fire departments to arts organizations, and from community services to local sports teams."

-Peter Aziz, Founding Partner, BantamWesson

As we’ve grown as a company, we’ve extended the organizations we partner with in bettering the community. These include environmental, education, social services, arts and theatre, civic and municipal, and many more causes.

We are also proud to employ 120 people who feel connected to organizations that reflect their own interests and concerns. They make a lasting impact with hundreds of volunteer hours and impactful donations.

 BantamWesson employee volunteering for Habitat for Humanity 

BantamWesson employees participating in the Relay for Life in Waterbury

BantamWesson employees participating in the annual Stock the Pantry for United Way 

Some of the Organizations BantamWesson Supports:

​To learn more about our charitable efforts, or to request support for your charitable organization, contact us using the contact form.